# Setup

# Requirements

Botfront has a few requirements. Please head to Installing requirements if you don't have Node or Docker installed

  • Linux or macOS (Windows may work but is not officially supported yet, help is welcome)
  • Chrome (some issues with other browsers)
  • A recent version of Docker
  • A recent version of Node.js

See the Installing requirements section.

# Install the Botfront CLI

npm install -g botfront

# Create a new project

botfront init

Botfront will prompt you for a folder name if the current directory is not empty

# Start Botfront

botfront up

When installation is completed, Botfront will propose you to create your first project.

At any time, you can access the Botfront menu to create or run a project by running botfront in your shell.

# Setup your project

You can also install Botfront on a remote server