# Contributing to Botfront

If you wish to contribute to Botfront or to make custom changes, here is the recommended way to install and run it on your local machine.

# Install

  1. Botfront is a Meteor app, so the first step is to install Meteor
  2. Then clone this repo and install the dependencies
git clone https://github.com/botfront/botfront
cd botfront/botfront
meteor npm install


Meteor comes with its own Node.js and NPM. When installing dependencies, it is better to use the Meteor NPM by running meteor npm install than using your local one (npm install)

# Run

Since Botfront is made of several services you need to start all other services with docker-compose from a regular project.

  1. Create a Botfront project with botfront init (not in the repo, anywhere else on your machine)
  2. Start your project with botfront up -e botfront. This will run all services except the Botfront app, since you are going to run it with Meteor locallyé
  3. Reset meteor from Botfront root folder with meteor reset (this will wipe the database).
  4. Run Botfront with meteor npm run start:docker-compose.dev. Botfront will be available at http://localhost:3000

# Documentation

The documentation is located in the botfront/docs folder. If you wish to edit the doumentation and preview your changes your can run the documentation on your machine with npm run docs:dev.

If you need to build it: npm run docs:build

The docs are built with Vuepress

# Running and writing tests

You can run our integration test suite with npx cypress run or interactively with npx cypress open

Don't run tests if you have valuable data in your DB

The test suite starts by testing the setup process and will wipe the database.